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Marston Sunbeam Register - 2nd Annual Rally
Marston Palmer Works, Wolverhampton
Sunday 1st July 1984

Amongst the Sunbeamsidevalve archives is the following report of the then newly-formed Marston Sunbeam Register's second annual rally in 1984 from the Classic Motor Cycle magazine from September that year.

The venue was the Marston Palmer Works' club house in Wolverhampton (now the HS Marston Works although the club house has been demolished). The event also included a ride out to the former Sunbeamland Works in the city centre, and past John Marston's former home.

Two awards were made for best flat-tank and best saddle-tank machines. One of the award-winning machine, Horace Banks'  flat-tank combination, now resides in the Black Country Living Museum in Dudley.


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