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Model Range
Sunbeam's new owners, Associated Motor Cycles of London, listed all 10 models produced the previous year at Sunbeamland. There were new designations for models, with an 'A' prefix denoting the year. 'B' and 'C' prefixes were to follow.

Cycle parts
No changes

Engine and gearbox
The Burman gearbox end cover was no longer painted black

* AMC, 'Sunbeam 1938 Motor Cycle Catalogue' (thanks to Philip Bland)
* Roy Bacon, 1986. 'British Motorcycles of the 30's'. Osprey Publishing

1938 catalogue cover

Model A23 (former Marston 250cc OHV Model)



Model A23s (former Marston 250cc OHV Sports Model)



Model A24 (former Marston 350cc OHV Model 8)



Model A24s (former Marston 350cc OHV Model 8 Sports)



Model A25 (former Marston 500cc OHV Model 9 Sports / Light Solo)



Model A26 (former Marston 500cc OHV Model 9 Sports / Light Solo Sports)



Model A27 (former Marston 500cc OHV Model 9)



Model A28 (former Marston 600cc OHV Model 9 / Model 9A)



Model A29 (former Marston 500cc Side-valve Lion)



Model A30 (former Marston 600cc Side-valve Lion)



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