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Model Range
A range of 10 models was presented by John Marston Ltd in its final year of production from Sunbeamland.

Cycle parts
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Engine and gearbox
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* John Marston Ltd., 1937 catalogue: 'The Incomparable Sunbeam: The Motor Cycle of Distinction' (first edition)
* Robert Cordon Champ, 1980, 'The Sunbeam Motorcycle'. Haynes Publishing.


1937 catalogue cover

Model 250cc OHV

Model 250cc OHV Sports

Model 350cc OHV

Model 350cc OHV Sports



Model Lion, 500cc SV



Model Lion, 600cc SV

 Model 9, 500cc OHV



Model 500cc OHV Light Solo



Model 500cc OHV Light Solo Sports



Model 9, 600cc OHV




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