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Model Range
Sunbeam advertises its 1934 model range of 8 machines as meeting all rider requirements from 250cc to 600cc. This includes the factory's first 250cc capacity machines. The standard version has an OHV engine - but confusingly is called the 'Longstroke' (also referred to as the Model 14). The racing version is called the 'Little 95' and is a 250cc OHV version of another new introduction for 1934 - the Model 95.

The Model 95 and Little 95 are described as two new models 're-designed for speed'. The 500cc Model 95 is a replacement for the Model 90.

Otherwise, the 500cc and 600cc side-valve machines continue in production, as does the OHV 350cc Model 8 and Model 9 in 500cc and 600cc versions.

Cycle parts
Cycle parts appear generally unchanged from 1933. Robert Cordon Champ refers to a factory photograph of the Model 9 for the 1933 catalogue found with a handwritten note saying, 'use same block 1934 as 1933' which, he says, sums up the changes!

There had been a change in the design of the rear rack during 1933, with the new design standard for 1934.

Engine and gearbox
A new 4-speed Sunbeam gearbox was introduced with ratios suitable for solo and side car work. Marstons write, 'the new gearbox with its ratios carefully chosen for acceleration combines smoothness and silence with ease of operation.'

A 3-speed gearbox was still available on the 250cc model and the 350cc Model 8.

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1934 catalogue cover

250cc Longstroke (Model 14)


Model 8 (350cc)

Lion Longstroke 500cc

Lion Longstroke 600cc

Model 9 500cc



Model 9 600cc

Little 95 (250cc)

Model 95

A contemporary photograph from the Wolverhampton Express & Star newspaper entitled simply 'post-1928 Sunbeam'. It appears to be a Model 95 Sunbeam, new for the 1934 season.

The registration JW3341 is a Wolverhampton number from late 1933 to early 1934 (a precise date awaiting a visit to the Wolverhampton city archives).

The rider is not named, although it appears to be outside one of the town's motor vehicle dealers.

The 'they are here' slogan in the background would appear to indicate that the new season's models, likely to be 1934 (?),  have arrived which would also date the photo to late 1933.

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