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Model Range
Two new models were introduced for 1922: the 'Longstroke' in its T.T. form, and the 4 h.p. model which combined the stroke of the Longstroke with the old pattern 3 h.p. cylinder bore. The result was a 596cc machine (88 x 105.5 mm) which was to remain in production until the 1930s as the last flat tank motorcycle available from Marston - and possibly any other major manufacturer.

Three versions of the 'square'-stroked 3 h.p. side-valve model continued to be offered as previously in 1921, the T.T. model now simply called the 'Sporting Solo'. Along with these, the 8 h.p. v-twin JAP engined machine continued to be available for heavy sidecar work.

Cycle Parts
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Engine and Gearbox
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T H E   Y E A R ' S   M O D E L S :  1 9 2 2  
3 h.p. Standard model - no photo  
3 h.p. Semi-Sporting model - no photo  
3 h.p. Sporting Solo model - no photo


'Longstroke' T.T. model


4 h.p. model


8 h.p. (996cc) JAP v-twin model - no photo


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