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Early '20s Sunbeam at VMCC Manx Rally 2006
August 2006

The web-site received the following picture from Greg Allen, 'snapped' at the Vintage Motor Cycle Club's 34th Manx Rally in 2006.

The cycle parts indicate a 3 h.p. Model 3 (499cc) or 4 h.p. Model 4 (596cc) from 1924 or '25.

Both models evolved from the earlier 3 h.p. Standard model which had a stirrup front brake until 1923. This machine has the rim brake found on 1924 and '25 models. Thereafter Sunbeam motorcycles had a drum brake at the front.

The  foot-boards, handlebars and upright gear lever indicate this is not the more sporting 'Longstroke' or 'Light Solo' of the period (Models 6 and 5 respectively). Nor is it the Model 7 (596cc) side-car machine, which was notable for its leaf-spring front forks.

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