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22 March 2009

It was at the tail end of the 2009's Pioneer Run that a Sunbeam of late 1920s vintage appeared following the veteran machines into Madeira Drive along Brighton's seafront. With just enough time to grab the camera a blurry shot taken...

Having spent a great morning watching the finish of the Pioneer Run, the good Mrs Sidevalve and myself headed inland to the 'boho' North Laines in search of veggie delights for lunch. Foodie thoughts were interrupted by the distinct sound of an old single cylinder motor cycle and the glimpsed silhouette of flat-tank machine and rider. We were intrigued. It's usually classic two-stroke scooters that catch our eye hereabouts. It turned out to be the machine we had seen earlier.

We managed to find the machine at rest: a 1928 500cc Longstroke (if I recall correctly) and its rather pleasant rider, Jez from Ramsgate, who kindly posed  for a photo. It was a must really as Jez's period leathers were spot on in terms of detail. He had travelled over to Brighton to catch the Pioneer Run as we suspected. Then, he was off on his way and we were treated to the sound of the 'Beam's exhaust note reverberating along the narrow lanes and into the distance!

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