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Factory-registered Longstroke at Brooklands
4 July 2009

Brooklands motor cycle 'open day' was a chance to try out the former Wolverhampton Art Gallery and Museum's Sunbeam ...

The challenge of Test Hill awaited ... for a motor cycle that probably hadn't been run for the best part of three decades!

The view from the top was daunting - that last rise from 1-in-8 to a 1-in-4 gradient was, I was told by an old hand, what finishes off the unwary.

First the paddock, an opportunity to warm-up the engine, obtain a few more tips and mentally prepare myself. Well that was the idea. After some problems with the front brake sticking and the engine cutting out a few times - I should have cleaned that petrol tap and carburettor - I decided the Hill would await another day's visit! And, some careful preparation of the machine!

Never-the-less, a fine day out with the old 'Beam.

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