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South African Sunbeams
25 July 2008

Hello from Johannesburg South Africa.

My wife and I each have 1928 flat tank Marston Beams. Attached is a photo of each. I must admit to still not being entirely sure what models they are. My wife Caroline's machine is a 350 and thus a model 1 or 2 - I am not sure which and what the differences were. Mine is, I think, a model 5. I thought it was a short stroke but after viewing your site it appears to be a model 5 but with a long stroke engine. It has an 85 mm bore as I recently replaced the piston.

On Sunday I am off to view a 1929 model 90 or what the owner purports to be a model 90. The bike was rear ended by a car some 20 years ago and has been in bits since. I will keep you posted and I look forward to your site with OHV machines to be added.

We are keen vintage bike addicts. I have been collecting machines since my teens and have  a fair collection. The Sunbeams are in the "never to be sold" category. Surprisingly there are quite a number of Marston Sunbeams in South Africa. Our local branch of The Vintage Motorcycle club  has at least a dozen registered. In March each year we have a rally to commemorate the Durban to Johannesburg road races of the 1920-30s which is a two day event staged on the original route - 700km in two days. In this year's event there were 13 Marston Sunbeams - and they all finished. My model 5 needed only oil and petrol. Not even was adjustment of the chain necessary!!

In my  view they are THE FINEST MACHINES EVER BUILT  and if I had to only have one bike it would be the Beam. It is a high privilege to own it.


Paul and Caroline


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